Curse you, vile journal!

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“A man would do well to carry a pencil in his pocket, and write down the thoughts of the moment. Those that come unsought are commonly the most valuable, and should be secured, because they seldom return.”
-Sir Francis Bacon

I completely agree with Frank, but I am inconsistent, at best, in keeping a writer’s journal. To carry a notepad everywhere I go is impractical. I’m a mom. I need all three hands available at all times. Forget sticking an entire notepad and pen into your pocket. Women’s jeans are too tight to hold anything but a driver’s license. And purses? Ick. There’s something truly frightening about lugging my life’s clutter in a bottomless pit of the unknown. Just thinking about the smell of warm leather mixed with peppermint gum makes me want to wretch.

So how does a purse-abhorring woman (or man) carry a journal? Buy a smart phone? I can hear my husband now. “Can that be a tax write off?”

Tell me the tricks you use to ensure your writer’s journal is accessible when you need it. How do you capture inspiration when you’re on the go?

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