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    • Writing Challenge #6 – Balancing the Components of Scene
      Begin with two characters you know very well from your own writing. You can even use a scene that you’ve tried to write before but it just wasn’t working out for whatever reason. Then, use the following prompts to write 20 sentences that will flow together to form your scene.
      1. A sentence with a wall or boundary in it
      2. A Sentence with weather (or related)
      3. A sentence with sound
      4. A sentence with a gesture
      5. A line of dialogue of six words or less
      6. A sentence with light
      7. A line of dialogue of ten words or more
      8. A Sentence with a ceiling or floor in it
      9. A sentence with a texture
      10. A sentence with an object smaller than a hand
      11. A sentence conveying an internal response (i.e. happiness, anger, confusion)
      12. A sentence with a smell
      13. A sentence with a piece of furniture
      14. A line of dialogue that is a question
      15. Another line of dialogue that is a question
      16. A sentence with a hand or fingers
      17. A sentence with a single interior thought
      18. A sentence with an allusion to a current event
      19. A sentence with a metaphor
      20. A Line of dialogue that is whispered
      Post your work as a new topic if you'd like community feedback! Or check out my attempt.
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    • Writing Challenge #3 – Show, Don’t Tell
      For sale: baby shoes, never worn. 
      Using Hemingway's six-word “novel” as a model, write an advertisement in less than 50 words that will create a story in the reader’s minds, without telling all the back story. Post it here as a new topic for everyone to enjoy. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!
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    • 4 years ago

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    • Writing Challenge #1 – Writing from the Senses
      Take ten minutes to observe your literal or imaginary surroundings. Jot down notes as you experience the atmosphere. Is there anything that seems out of place? Write a short piece, 300 words or less, that touches on all five of the senses. You'll need to register/login to submit your entry. Then, create a new topic.
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