My Lamest Excuse. Ever.

calendar“It’s not worth sitting down to write if I don’t have at least an hour to spare.”

I actually said this. Out loud. I followed the statement with a cringe and a slap to the forehead, and I swore to never say it again. (Does that redeem me a little?)

Here is a simple, 3-step solution for overcoming excuses and procrastination.

  1. Get a calendar. It doesn’t have to be pretty. I print mine from a plain ol’ MS Word template.
  2. Mark a big X for every day that you write. If you can only squeeze in two minutes, at least your head is in your story for a moment that day.
  3. Don’t break the pattern! Repeat those words every single day.

Sound too easy? Go ahead. Try it for a month. Let me know how it ramped up your productivity. Do you have any tricks that help you sit down to create every single day? Tell us about it!

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