Weirdos who write about weirdos

black-33898_640Is it just me or are all writers a little… off? Do you ever open your journal and find words like this?

“I think I need to kill him. The love triangle thing just isn’t working for me. Plus, he’s pushy, controlling and passionate in a way that’s suffocating. But how do I kill him in a meaningful, poignant way?”

Of course I’m talking about a character in my book and not my own love life. I know it. My husband understands… I think. But maybe I need to be more careful about labeling my creative journal as fiction so that my newly-literate and curious first grader doesn’t get the wrong idea about “Mommy’s special friend”.

Do you have a line from your brainstorming sessions that would raise eyebrows if some unsuspecting person came across them? I bet if you go through your notes, you’d get a good chuckle.

Share them here, you know, if you want.

It’s not like my self esteem will suffer if you don’t.

It’s not like you’ll be a character in my next book and your actions here will determine whether or not you’re the hero or the scrawny, nose-picking guard that gets slopped on when the carriage drives past…

Nope, not like that at all.

Share this.

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